My Work

I started making pots after giving up work in the telecommunications industry (I have a background as an electronics engineer, manager and consultant).  We had collected pottery for a long time, and I thought it would be good to have a go, so I started evening classes at our local further education college.  Within a couple of weeks I was hooked, and thanks to a very enthusiastic tutor, I enrolled on a part time art foundation course in 2003.

I decided that I really wanted to get into ceramics in a ‘proper’ way, and visited several universities in late 2004, and applied to and was accepted on the Ceramics degree course at the University of Westminster – otherwise known as the Harrow Ceramics course.  I started there in 2005, and graduated in 2008, and have been working as a full time potter ever since.

My work is mostly made using porcelain, and thrown on the wheel.  I do also use an extruder or slabs for some pieces and additions, as it allows me freedom to make different shapes that can’t be made on a wheel.  One of the benefits of taking the Harrow ceramics course was the opportunity to try out all sorts of techniques, clays and firings. I settled on using porcelain and started using some of the classic Chinese glazes in my final year, leading up to my degree show.

We also had to design and build a kiln, and having spent a couple of summers working with potter Chris Jenkins at his house in France, I got interested in wood firing, so we built a fast fire wood kiln.  Unfortunately, it’s not really possible to use wood in my kiln at home, but I do fire with gas, so get some flames to play with.

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